You say our love is like dynamite,

The wise woman said ”Once you’re hardened in battle, there’s no coming back,”

Riding through the black fires of endless time,

Speak to me, it all would be easier,

Still it came passing by.

Tbh I was a little scared of letting the students borrow pencils because I thought they were going to shank each other with them.

In a corner beside my window,

Marked for death and horribly maimed,

Convicted witch, my life will end,

I have fashioned a secret room within my mind where memories hide,

The lands are struck with sorrow.

Far, far away, where the birch wouldn’t grow,

Life, it seems, will fade away,

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down,

Unquencable thrist burns you inside,

Under the sea, there’s a colony of bees.


And there was nothing…

If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man,

Too many slaves in this world,

Life, death, in due time is the last breath,

Revolution in their minds, the children start to march.


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The shittiest of shitty quality selfies.

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JB Appreciation Week | Day 4 | One Scene
A slick stone turned under Jaime’s foot. As he felt himself falling, he twisted the mischance into a diving lunge. His point scraped past her parry and bit into her upper thigh. A red flower blossomed, and Jaime had an instant to savor the sight of her blood before his knee slammed into a rock. The pain was blinding. Brienne splashed into him and kicked away his sword. “YIELD!”

Jaime drove his shoulder into her legs, bringing her down on top of him. They rolled, kicking and punching until finally she was sitting astride him. He managed to jerk her dagger from its sheath, but before he could plunge it into her belly she caught his wrist and slammed his hands back on a rock so hard he thought she’d wrenched an arm from its socket. Her other hand spread across his face. “Yield!” 

— Jaime III, A Storm of Swords

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